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LINGOOD TECH in the four major industry solutions can achieve effective reduction of labor costs and labor intensity, improve the working environment
reduce energy consumption, solve the problem of layering and feeding material uneven and formula ratio instability.

Conveying System
Lingood technology can provide you with a complete automatic solution for all auxiliary equipments in the field of compounding. The solution performs from the previous conveying, drying, premixing, loss-in-weight feeding, to complete precise formula (additives, liquids) before the extrusion, to cutting, screening, homogenization, drying, automatic packaging after the extrusion, and the final packing, testing, transportation, s tacking, scanning, stock-in, etc.
Meanwhile, we also provide various solid materials conveying solutions for you with pneumatic conveying in plastic processing, chemical, construction, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, new energy and other industries, including various types of plastic pellets, powder, chemical building powder, like cement, carbon black, graphite, etc.For different materials and specific conveying requirements, there are mainly three pneumatic conveying methods: positive pressure middle and long-range dense-phase pneumatic conveying, suitable for large conveying capacity, long-distance or special materials; positive pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveying, suitable for simple, fast and short-distance conveying; negative pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveying, suitable for automatic distribution metering and feeding in workshop, like one-to-many, many-to-many, etc.

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