Control System of
Loss-in-weight Feeder


Double closed loop Flow chart

Controller features

1. General support for continuous, batch, volumetric and vibratory processes
2. Controller is run by microchip, which respond quickly to requests and work stably
3. Our controller’s proprietary feeder optimization algorithms provide for greater loss-in-weight feeding accuracy
4. Downtime/programmable alarms allow the user to adapt the system for changes in the process
5. Standard RS485 network connected, while Profibus, ethernet interface and analog interface are all available
6. It can be access to up to 32 machines

Features of Operation Interface

1. LCD interface
2. Support Chinese and English
3. Operation records of loss-in-weight feeders can be displayed
4. Easy to learn and operate
5. Working status, precision, flow and other information of loss-in-weight feeders canbe real-time displayed
6. All data can be derived to flash memory


The remote control system is based on the integration of the industrial IOT and the Internet, with functions of real-time data acquisition, storage, analysis, processing, transmission and so on. It can build up connection between the equipment and the enterprise cloud. Meanwhile, the system provides the OPC data port which allows users to get access to seamlessly.

Remote Intelligent Control

1. Support internet、3G&4G&5G signal transmission.
2. Accessing and monitoring by web and APP.
3. Working state, capacity, alarm and other information can be monitored at any time.
4. Working state and alarm signal will be sent by SMS to your phone.
5. Support for remote printing of report, data and curve.

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