Batching system for non-woven melt blown material of mask- help epidemic prevention and control, win the battle

Posted on 2020-02-25
Since the epidemic situation, mask, protective clothing and so on have become scarce resources, one mask is hard to find, it affects the whole country. With the resumption of production in a large area of the country, the demand for masks has again exploded.
At present, except Tibet, 30 provinces have successively set up new production lines for masks, and at the same time, new production lines for masks have been put into production. As of 22nd February, the daily output of masks in China has reached 54.77 million, 2.8 times higher than that of 1st February, and 570 million masks have been produced in the past 20 days. In order to better meet the needs of epidemic prevention and resumption of production, the production capacity of masks must continue to maintain rapid growth. In the industrial chain of mask production, besides mask production line equipment such as mask machine and parts, the supply of raw materials must keep pace with the rapid growth of mask production.
The face of medical mask is divided into three layers: inner layer, middle layer and outer layer. The inner layer is made of skin friendly material, using ordinary sanitary gauze or non-woven cloth, the outer layer is made of special material bacteriostatic layer, using non-woven cloth or ultra-thin polypropylene melt spraying material. The middle layer melt blown non-woven fabric, which brings virus filtering effect to the mask, uses high melt index polypropylene as the main raw material, and uses high-speed hot air to draft the polymer melt fine flow extruded from the spinneret hole of the die head, thus forming the ultra-fine fiber and condensing it on the coagulation net curtain or roller, and depending on its own adhesion, it becomes the non-woven fabric. The fiber diameter of the nonwoven nonwovens can reach 0.5-10 μ m. These ultra-fine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of fibers in unit area, so that the melt blown cloth has good filtration, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption, which is the most important core layer of the mask.
The melt blown material for the production of melt blown non-woven fabric is partially depolymerized by adding peroxide (DCP) to polypropylene, with a melt index of about 1500.It has melt blown spinning performance. It is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can catch dust. When the droplets containing pneumonia virus are close to the melt blown non-woven fabric, they will be electrostatic adsorbed on the surface of the non-woven fabric and cannot be penetrated. In the process of depolymerization of polypropylene, it is necessary to strictly control the added liquid peroxide DCP, fully control the melting and mixing strength in the process, and reasonably design of the flow channel of the extruder head and the outlet structure of the die to facilitate extrusion and granulation.
The intelligent equipment of Lingood, the special batching and feeding system for non-woven fabric melt blown materials of mask, has high precision and high stability metering proportioning performance. It can control the precise amount of various liquid, solid peroxides and other components in the process of melt blown materials preparation, so as to ensure the various special properties of the final product. We have already supplied the special batching and feeding system for many melt blown material factories.
At present, Lingood is in urgent working of manufacturing the batching system including loss in weight feeder for China National Petroleum Corporation’s melt blown material production line overnight. Although we are an equipment manufacturing enterprise, it is difficult to provide the urgently needed protective materials directly for the fight against the epidemic, but it has a profound technical accumulation in the field of medical and new material equipment. When the country is facing a crisis, we are confident that " When the country is in trouble, we will surely come back once needed and win the war finally.”
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