Welcome to IPB Exhibition 2019
  • Welcome to IPB Exhibition 2019

  • Posted on 2019-10-11
  • 【About IPB】The largest "one stop" exhibition in the field of powder and bulk materials in ChinaThe exhibition covers the whole process industry of processing and conveying particles, powders and bulk materials.Application in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.Already becomeThe largest in powder / bulk material field in ChinaAnd the most international exhibition.【About Lingood】Committed to ...
Vitality - modern product ID
  • Vitality - modern product ID

  • Posted on 2019-09-29
  • Zongsheng Li said that regardless how noisy the world is, the heart of the craftsmen must be quiet and stable. To achieve it is to achieve dreams. Even if the material, production procedures and methods are exactly the same for each guitar, but the guitar made varies, "Because wood is alive and changing." in order to produce world-class guitar, Zongsheng Li collects high precious wood all over the...
Lingood join the 2015 chem show
  • Lingood join the 2015 chem show

  • Posted on 2018-05-26
  • Because of the tireless efforts of employees and the company's progress, Lingood will attend the 2015 chem show in New York. The chew show is one of the most influential exhibition about chemical products and equipment in the world. It has more than 280 exhibitors from nearly 60 countries and more than 5000 attendees.  The show is a step to the foreign market to Lingood, it also a step to the worl...
Self-challenge and teamwork-----Lingood’s outward
  • Self-challenge and teamwork-----Lingood’s outward

  • Posted on 2018-05-26
  • In order to increase the communication and improve the relationships of the group, Lingood arranged an outward bound on 14th, Sept. A group of staffs arrived in Liyang and took the special outdoor training courses.  The training courses started at 9 o’clock in the morning. First of all, the staffs did some warm-up activities under the guidance of the coach. Then, the team was divided into two grou...
BUCT students completed their internship in Lingood
  • BUCT students completed their internship in Lingood

  • Posted on 2018-05-25
  • In September of 2014, 45 graduates and postgraduates from Beijing University of Chemical Technology majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Automation successfully completed their internship in Lingood. On the morning of Sep. 8, a summary meeting was held to congratulate on the completion of the internship for all the students. Lingood’s G. manager Hang Yi, HR Manager Zhang Nina and intern tutors f...
Lingood attended CPPIA‘s MMSC Annual Meeting
  • Lingood attended CPPIA‘s MMSC Annual Meeting

  • Posted on 2018-05-24
  • Lingood was invited to attend CPPIA’s MMSC Annual Meeting 2014 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Oct. 16th. The theme of the meeting is “functional plastics are based on the masterbatch and equipment”. The organizers of the meeting are China Plastics Processing Industry Association (shortened as CPPIA) and Multifunctional Master BatchSpecial Committee (shortened as MMSC).Lingood’s President Wang Hon...

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