Lingood Special batching system for melt blown material protecting the high quality of mask products

Posted on 2020-04-18
Under the epidemic situation, the price of melt blown cloth skyrocketed



With the spread of COVID-19 in the world, the price of mask raw materials as an important protective material is rising. According to the News, the price of melt blown cloth has risen to about 500,000 RMB per ton.
The demand for domestic masks surged, and the price of melt blown cloth rose rapidly, from 20,000 RMB / T before the outbreak to 200,000RMB / T at the end of February, and doubled again to 520,000RMB / T in the first ten days of March. Recently, the highest price is 500,000RMB / T, the lowest is 430,000 RMB/ T, and the average price is 470,000RMB / T. And the order has been placed until the beginning of May.
Countries rush to buy Chinese masks



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According to the statistics, up to 14:41 on 18th April.COVID-19was diagnosed in 2199321 cases and died in 153386 cases. 983645 cases in European region, and over 2100000 cases outside China. Under the epidemic situation, countries began to rush to buy masks. From the news conferenceon April 5, the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council, from 1stMarch to 4th April, 10.2 billion RMB of major epidemic prevention and control materials were released, including 3.86 billion masks and 7.72 billion yuan.
With the spread of epidemic situation in foreign countries, the shortage of epidemic prevention materials is very prominent. As a manufacturing country, China has become the first choice for countries to purchase epidemic prevention materials. Recently, the cargo flights of "mask charter" in various countries are concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and other international airports. Some of these airplanes are cargo planes instead of airliners. Some are cargo planes or even military planes that are rarely seen in ordinary times.
The state issues an announcement to regulate the market order of masks



Recently, export anti epidemic materials, including masks, have been frequently exposed to quality problems. The constant negative news cast a shadow over the mask export.
The mask market is full of chaos, which has also attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities. On March 30, the Ministry of Commerce said it would strengthen the quality management of medical materials with relevant departments, strictly control the quality and maintain the export order.


On March 31, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of customs and the State Drug Administration jointly issued the announcement:Novel coronavirus reagents and medical masks export enterprises will be required to provide written or electronic declarations from 1st April. They promise that the export products have obtained the registration certificate of China medical device and conform to the quality standards of the importing countries (regions).
Special batching system for melt blown materials



The standard of mask is becoming more and more standard. The production of qualified mask becomes the pass of this industry. In addition to the production specifications, process standards and strict control of product testing standards, the quality of raw materials, especially the quality of melt blown materials known as the heart of the mask, has become one of the key factors affecting the quality of the mask. Therefore, high standard raw material production equipment is particularly important.



Lingood mask non-woven meltblown material special batching system, with high precision, high stability batching performance, including dump station, vacuum loader, pneumatic conveying, loss in weight feeder, extrusion, pelletizer and other meltblown material production line equipment. Lingood has rich experience in the field of loss in weight feeding filed, which can effectively and accurately control the proportion of various materials in the formula, especially the use of small proportion of free radical initiator, lubricant, antioxidant, compound transparent nucleating agent, etc., to ensure the performance of the final product.



Make full efforts to make the order of melt blown material production line



Since the resumption of work, Lingood has received a surge in orders for melt blown materials production line, 3-4 times the same period last year. The order quantity is large, the delivery time is tight, the production department faces the huge challenge. The general production planneruse the optimized arrangement, and the purchasing department negotiate with the suppliers in many ways to ensure the supply and greatly improve the response speed. The company is working overtime to catch up with the production line orders.




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