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LINGOOD TECH in the four major industry solutions can achieve effective reduction of labor costs and labor intensity, improve the working environment
reduce energy consumption, solve the problem of layering and feeding material uneven and formula ratio instability.

KN95 full-automatic mask production line
This is a fully automatic machine for the production of KN95 mask. It has functions of mask embossing, ear belt welding, folding, opening, trimming, nose bar built-in, printing and so on. One time molding, the special manufacturing process can ensure clear lines of the mask surface, no deformation in production. It can minimize material waste in the maximum extent and ensure the quality of mask.
1600mm Meltblown Non Woven Fabric Production Line
Capacity : 1.5 Tons by 24 hours
Width of fabric : 1600 mm
Filter ratio : 95-99
Line speed : 40-80 m per min
GSM Range : 10~80 g/sq.m
Control mode : PLC programed + Touch Screen Man-machine interface
Meltblown material production line
Lingood batching system for mask meltblown material has high accuracy and stability. It includes the special production line equipment for melt blown material, including feeding, vacuum loading, material conveying, loss in weight feeding, pelletizing, etc. Lingood has rich experience in the field of loss in weight feeding, which can effectively and accurately control the proportion of various materials in the formula, especially can accurately control the proportion which are in very small amount, such as free radical initiator, lubricant, antioxidant, compound transparent nucleating agent and so on, so as to ensure the performance index of the final product.
Intelligent Batching System
Intelligent batching system is suitable for automatic weighing and batching of small materials. It can weigh many kinds of raw materials at the same time to meet the weighing requirements of complex formulations. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast measurement speed and small space occupation. Closed metering mechanism is adopted to prevent dust from flying. Fully automatic control, effectively reduce the cost of human resources. It is widely used in rubber, plastics, food, chemical industry, medicine and other industries.
Conveying System
Lingood technology can provide you with a complete automatic solution for all auxiliary equipments in the field of compounding. The solution performs from the previous conveying, drying, premixing, loss-in-weight feeding, to complete precise formula (additives, liquids) before the extrusion, to cutting, screening, homogenization, drying, automatic packaging after the extrusion, and the final packing, testing, transportation, s tacking, scanning, stock-in, etc.
Meanwhile, we also provide various solid materials conveying solutions for you with pneumatic conveying in plastic processing, chemical, construction, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, new energy and other industries, including various types of plastic pellets, powder, chemical building powder, like cement, carbon black, graphite, etc.For different materials and specific conveying requirements, there are mainly three pneumatic conveying methods: positive pressure middle and long-range dense-phase pneumatic conveying, suitable for large conveying capacity, long-distance or special materials; positive pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveying, suitable for simple, fast and short-distance conveying; negative pressure dilute phase pneumatic conveying, suitable for automatic distribution metering and feeding in workshop, like one-to-many, many-to-many, etc.
Integrated Conveying and Batch Weighing System
Lingood provides integrated solutions in conveying and batch weighing system. Based on the key techologies of weighing and measuring, we deliver systems for various process like feeding, storing, metering, controls through to complete material handling systems for both bulk solid materials and liquid materials. Our products and services meet the needs of various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, plastics, chemical, and even new energy industry.
Integrated systems for batch weighing can use liquid and solid feeders to complete the work. We have two ways of batch weighing, continuous loss in weight batch and gain in weight batch

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