BUCT students completed their internship in Lingood

Posted on 2018-05-25
In September of 2014, 45 graduates and postgraduates from Beijing University of Chemical Technology majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Automation successfully completed their internship in Lingood. On the morning of Sep. 8, a summary meeting was held to congratulate on the completion of the internship for all the students. Lingood’s G. manager Hang Yi, HR Manager Zhang Nina and intern tutors from each department attended the meeting.



The internship program was diversified and practical, including professional lectures about loss-in-weight feeder, material conveying and pelletizer, demonstrations and operations in workshop, and practice. Besides theory and operation practice, we’ve provided a systematicprogram of the business and introduced other related knowledge to students.



The students showed great interests about the successful story of President Wang Hongliang. Wang Hongliang was glad to share his experience with the young. He answered their questions, provided guidelines and encouragement. This internship would be the first step of their careers.Lingood managements have offered more knowledge and practice than requested. Meanwhile, the excellent performance of the students left a deep impression to the managements.



Attracting by the favorablecompany culture, working environment and normative business management, many students expressed their hope to join in Lingood and delivered their resumes in the meeting.


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