Self-challenge and teamwork-----Lingood’s outward

Posted on 2018-05-26
In order to increase the communication and improve the relationships of the group, Lingood arranged an outward bound on 14th, Sept. A group of staffs arrived in Liyang and took the special outdoor training courses.

The training courses started at 9 o’clock in the morning. First of all, the staffs did some warm-up activities under the guidance of the coach. Then, the team was divided into two groups and competed with each other in many programs. The staffs enjoyed themselves in the fierce competition. It was a happy and memorable experience. Through this activity, the staffs learned the importance of team work. Only when members trust in each other and cooperate with each other, will the whole team make progress. The same goes for our work.

The staffs said it was an unforgettable experience and they benefited a lot from this activity.

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